A new way of sharing health information is improving patient care across the Canterbury Health System. Faster and more informed treatment, shorter waiting times and better outcomes for patients are all benefits of the new system that evolved out of lessons learnt during the earthquakes.

Called HealthOne, the secure system makes people's routinely collected health information (such as allergies, prescribed medications, medical diagnoses and test results) available to those health professionals involved in their care.

Clinicians have described HealthOne as the best thing since the invention of the stethoscope. Other clinicians have said HealthOne has made a huge difference in their management of patients and saves significant time by making calls through to the hospital unnecessary.

A number of protections have been built into the system to manage privacy and after an initial pilot phase to test the system in 2012, HealthOne has been available in all Canterbury DHB hospitals, community pharmacies and general practices.     

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