physiotherapyPhysiotherapy staff at the Canterbury District Health Board hospitals are an integral part of the clinical team – working with health professionals and patients to help people get active and strong again and to move around freely.

We are MOVING  towards being more responsive to patients needs. Traditionally hospital based physiotherapy has been an 8 – 5, Monday - Friday service, but in the three general metropolitan hospitals physiotherapists recognise the need to be there when people need us, 7 days a week, morning, afternoon and into the evening.

KeepMOVING. Physiotherapists with up to 2 years experience have 4 month rotations across every service area (older person health and acute hospital services) – consolidating their learning. After that they can apply for 6 month rotations which include an even broader range of services.

The range of experience available is huge. For those who want to MOVE towards specialisation, we also have some non rotational roles. We are excited about our career development pathway, and the development of senior roles for clinical specialists, team leaders and educators.

MOVE  towards innovation.

An example is a brand new specialist position being created for a half time Physiotherapist in the haemophilia service. The position will have a regional focus (across the South Island) and be one of only three such positions in New Zealand.

Keep yourselfMOVING. Physiotherapy is a science based profession, working in solid theory, but there’s a whole lot of art to the science, with a creative delivery. Maybe that is why there are so many artistically and musically talented people in the team. If you are into endurance events (and there is more than one ironman in the team) then Christchurch is a great place to be based.

The team also has an avid surfer (who goes surfing every morning before work), and several skiers (some who enjoy the larger commercial slopes, and others who enjoy the more intimate club slopes).

When the earth wasMOVING, we were very proud of our staff – they never stopped working. Sure the focus of treatment changed, with an increase in orthopaedic trauma, our awesome team culture ensured we worked well together and were flexible and adaptable enough to meet the needs of the Canterbury people.

We keep MOVING  forward, opening new doors and doing new things – if you want to be part of this MOVEment – then..........

Not registered/qualified in New Zealand? Check it out.

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