Roles & Opportunities

Working as a Nurse at Te Whatu Ora Waitaha offers opportunities to vary how and where you work, whether you want to work in a busy tertiary hōhipera (hospital) in the heart of the city or in the smaller communities in rural hōhipera. You will have the opportunity to make a positive difference for patients, their whānau (family)and the communities they are part of. 

Nursing staff are an integral part of the delivery of manaaki hauora (health care) to the people of Waitaha Canterbury and at Te Whatu Ora Waiataha we offer a progressive outlook to nursing. We offer opportunities for career progression which is supported by a well-established pathway here at Te Whatu Ora Waitaha. The size of our organisation means it is big enough to develop your career but small enough so you feel part of our Te Whatu Ora whānau.

What we're proud of

  • We are the largest tertiary institution for the South Island.
  • The collaborative relationship with our tertiary providers, Ara Institute of Canterbury, University of Canterbury and University of Otago.
  • We deliver progressive healthcare in world-class facilities and specialty areas. 
  • Contributing to continuous improvement of health care changes across Aotearoa.
  • A fantastic kapa (team) of kaimahi (workers) with the skill, empathy and resilience to respond to unprecedented challenges that have impacted our communities.
  • Our nurses are at the centre of the care we provide - and we are extremely proud of their valuable contribution to the people of Canterbury.


A good fit for you

Patient advocacy, providing care, coordinating, educating, responding to emergencies, monitoring, administering treatment and reassuring patients, is all in a days’ work for a Te Whatu Ora Waitaha Nurse. If you're a people person, enjoy caring for others and thrive in a team environment, this is nursing in a nutshell and the profession for you.

Nursing is a rewarding profession in so many ways, whether it is big or small you can always make a difference to a patient's life and that often has an impact for their whānau and communities they are part of. 

Gaining experience across Aotearoa, in our rural and smaller centres offers another level of opportunity to deepen your skills.

What you'll get out of it
  • Contribute to the health and wellbeing to the people of the Canterbury region
  • Your nursing degree can take you down a variety of career pathways with Te Whatu Ora
  • Supported professional development opportunities with our local tertiary providers


How to join the kapa (team)

To become a Registered Nurse, The Bachelor of Nursing is a three year degree offered at many institutions around New Zealand. For those with a pre-existing degree there may be an option of a two year masters degree. 

A shorter, 18 month course, enables you to become an Enrolled Nurse, The Diploma in Enrolled Nursing. 

These qualifications incorporate clinical and theory-based practice.

Clinical practice in Te Whatu Ora is supported using the Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) model. The DEU are clinical areas dedicated to supporting undergraduate nurses on clinical placement.

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Stephanie Keene
Kimberley Sletcher
Shannon Le Roux 

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