Corporate & Support Services


Our administrative roles provide a quality customer-focused service, supporting our clinical and corporate teams to provide the best possible care to patients.  You can use your administration skills to ensure the smooth running of the organisation.  We have a range of administrative roles, including; Booking Clerk, Clinical Coder, Clinical Records Clerk, Data Entry, General Administration, Medical Secretary, Personal Assistant, Receptionist, Telephonist, Secretary, Typist, Ward Clerk, Supervisors and Team Leaders.

Business Planning, Development and Analysis

You can use your strategic and business skills to plan health services, budget and allocate funding, monitor and evaluate service provision.  Planners look at the health needs of the people within their region. They also examine the future challenges and opportunities a DHB may face in providing health care to the community.  Service planners need to take into account the strategy of the DHB and the services they currently have in order to provide advice which is realistic and attainable.

This is a challenging, but rewarding role which will require you to gather large amounts of information so that you can develop a bigger picture of what is going on in the DHB and wider health system. With this information, you will be able to suggest strategies which will make your region’s health services more efficient.  These roles include:  Business Analyst, Cost Accountant, Costing Manager, Data Analyst, Data Warehouse Developer, Emergency Planner, Information Analyst, Service Development Manager, Service Transition Manager

Communication and Marketing

People working in internal communications and marketing are often involved in informing all DHB employees of what is happening in the organisation. Those working in media relations deal with media queries on any issue affecting a DHB, including the latest disease outbreak or inquiries into the conduct of staff.

Communications/PR staff are often involved in health promotion campaigns such as diabetes or anti-smoking campaigns, as well as the famous Push Play campaign. They may be involved in liaising with media and creating websites and other promotional material.  These roles include: Communications Advisor, Graphic Design, Media Liaison, Webmaster, Photographer, Public Relations, Videographer.

Domestic Support and Security 

In the health sector, these roles add to the comfort of patients and make a difference to peoples recovery by keeping the facilities spotlessly clean and sanitised, providing vital nutrition and making sure all laundry is clean and hygienic.   Our support staff ensure the smooth running of the hospital, helping clinicians deliver the right treatment at the right time to the right person in a safe environment. 

These roles include Environmental Services, Wellfood Services, Hospital Aides, Orderlies, and Security.


Finance services within health are an important support service as they can save health care providers a lot of money which can be transferred to caring for the patient.  Roles within the financial services sector include professionally qualified accountants as well as financial analysts and accounting support staff.

Some of our finance roles include: ACC Contracts Assistant, Accounts Administrator, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Assistant Accountant, Audit, Chief Financial Officer, Cost Accountant, Finance Manager, Financial Analyst, Financial Controller, Management Accountant, Payroll, Revenue Clerk.

Human Resources (People & Capability)

You can use your people skills to make sure we have the right staff in the right job, that staff are supported, and continually extending their thinking, their teams and themselves.

Human resources (HR) staff create processes for training new staff and organise professional development programmes, they are involved in ensuring that workplaces run smoothly by providing support and mediation for employees with disputes and are involved in remuneration policies.  Recruitment is a function of Human Resources and involves recruiting new employees into their organisation. In health, this is a vital function.

These roles include:  Health and Safety, HR Administration, HR Advisor, Learning and Development, Occupational Health, Organisational Development, Payroll, Recruitment and Retention, Rehabilitation Advisor, Remuneration, Wellness and Injury, Workforce Analyst.

Information Services

The Information Services Group (ISG) are responsible for providing & maintaining hardware/software, systems delivery, telecommunications, business development, maintaining current systems, providing service desk services, training & project services for all of the Canterbury region. 

These roles include:  Application/Software Support, Applications Programmer, Applications Support Manager, Chief Information Officer, Desktop Support, IT Training Officer, Programme Manager, Project Manager, Business Systems Analyst, Service Support Technician, Service Desk Technician, Solutions Architect, Technical Architect, Systems Administrator, Telecommunications Support, User Support/Applications Trainer, and Voice Services Analyst.

Legal Services

Legal advisors provide advice and manage the legal work of hospitals and other healthcare providers. They review and negotiate agreements, contracts and licences and help with any litigation.  Working as a legal advisor and providing this counsel to healthcare providers can be interesting and rewarding work.

These roles include:  Corporate Solicitor, Employment Relations, Law Clerk

Maintenance and Engineering

You will never get bored in this job. Maintenance workers are always on the go, often travelling between a number of different sites.  Maintenance workers maintain the buildings and day-to-day operations of hospitals and other health providers.

These roles include: Carpenter, Electrician, Gardener, Maintenance Fitter, Plumber, Production Planner, Shift Engineer, Trades Assistant, Project Manager.


There is a wide range of supervisor and manager roles within the health sector which support the various services and departments. Health managers are usually responsible for the day-to-day running of health services. Management roles are very people-oriented.  You can use your listening, negotiation, decision making and leadership skills to drive sustainable change. 

These roles include: Business Manager, General Manager, Operations Manager, Service/Department Manager, and Executive Director.

 Quality and Risk

The Canterbury DHB has a strong commitment to the provision of high-quality health care services. We strive to ensure our services are safe, integrated, focused on evidence-based best practice and are responsive to patient/consumer needs.  We believe that by continuously improving the dimensions of quality throughout the organisation we will enhance the health care services we provide, increase the job satisfaction of our staff and improve organisational effectiveness.

Quality and Risk staff coordinate and promote an effective, integrated and comprehensive approach to quality and patient safety across the organisation.  

 These roles include:  Audit, Customer Services Manager, Project Coordination and Management, Quality Administrator, Quality Coordinator, Quality Facilitator, Quality Manager.

 Supply, Procurement and Logistics

Our vision is to provide a Supply Chain service that meets the needs of the Canterbury District Health Board, our patients and our staff by incorporating a Stores function that can manage the stock and distribution requirements of the wards and departments allowing clinical staff to focus on patient care.

These roles include:  Administrator, Fleet and Courier Services Contract Manager, Inwards and Outwards goods, Procurement specialist, Procurement analyst, Store person, Supply Coordinator, Warehouse Manager.

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