Who are we?

In Aotearoa, midwives are the main provider of care for all women who are pregnant whether that is in the community or in a maternity hospital. At the Canterbury DHB, we are leading the way in healthcare delivery and supporting this mission by having a close working relationship between all our midwives, whether employed by us or with those who work in the community as Lead Maternity Carers (LMCs). We are also working hard to maintain our community birthing options and to grow our own midwifery workforce to be able to operate across their full scope of practice while being well supported with educational as well as leadership opportunities throughout their careers with us.

Across Canterbury, we have 7 maternity facilities; of which 6 are midwifery-led units (urban and rural) and a secondary/tertiary unit for specialist care.

Being employed on the campus of the largest tertiary maternity hospital in the region means you will have exposure to a wide range of clinically challenging women and babies and the professional opportunities this provides. Equally, if you were to work within one of our community units you will support women with no expected complications. Christchurch Women’s Hospital sits within the health precinct of the Canterbury DHB. ARA and the School of Midwifery is on our doorstep, providing a close connection between the current and future midwifery workforce

Benefits working with us include;

  • Working in a District Health Board that prides itself on innovative ways of working.
  • Being part of the Maternity strategy rollout that will endeavour to be led by our community
  • Having the National office of the profession on our doorstep here in Canterbury
  • Focus on career development and progression
  • Rotational placements in the antenatal/postnatal and birthing suite areas of our secondary/tertiary units or combining work in this unit with some work in our community units to help maintain competency across all areas of midwifery practice. 

New to Canterbury?

Canterbury is at the heart of one of the most naturally diverse islands in the world. This is a region where you can live, swim, surf, ski, mountain bike and much more, all during the same season. Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island, has gone through a number of challenges which has provided us with the opportunity to reinvent our city and the community we live in.  Making it to the New York Times list of 100 cities to visit in 2020, Christchurch is a vibrant, energetic city where urban regeneration, creativity and innovation thrive. It is filled with amazing street art, innovative projects, a booming hospitality scene and state-of-the-art architecture that is changing the way the city looks, feels and functions. In addition to all the local benefits, you have a direct link to any country around the globe, with an international airport within the city bounds.

Join us today!

We welcome all healthcare professionals who are seeking new challenges and opportunities to join us in 2020.  For more enquiries contact Ritika Uniyal on Ritika.Uniyal@cdhb.health.nz

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