Graduate Midwives

The Graduate midwifery year aims to provide a supportive environment for new midwives to practice in a secondary/tertiary care facility.

The Midwifery First Year of Practice Programme was introduced by the Midwifery Council in 2007 and runs effectively alongside the graduate midwifery year at Canterbury District Health Board.


  • To provide focus on the secondary/tertiary care facility and the implication of practising as a midwife in such a setting.
  • To introduce and provide the graduate midwife with comprehensive orientation and preceptorship to both Christchurch Women's Hospital and Canterbury District Health Board.
  • To provide the midwife with education focusing on high-risk issues in the midwifery field.
  • To promote continuing education and professional development.
  • To facilitate a two-way learning process between the graduate midwife and her peers, therefore increasing the base knowledge of the unit and hence improve midwifery care provided to women.
  • To consolidate recent education in midwifery and to relate to practice for both primary and secondary midwifery care.


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