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Nursing at the CDHB 

Christchurch is rebuilding, there are exciting times ahead, and we want you to be part of it! 

Working as a Nurse at the CDHB offers unlimited opportunities for you, your lifestyle and your career aspirations. Whether you want to work in a busy tertiary hospital in the heart of the city or in the smaller communities in rural hospitals, the CDHB has something for everyone. 

Nursing staff are an integral part of the delivery of healthcare to the people of Canterbury and at the CDHB we offer a progressive outlook to nursing. Balanced workloads and staffing levels, flexibility and opportunities for career progression, supported by a well-established pathway are all part of the package at the CDHB. The size of our organisation means it is big enough to develop your career but small enough so you feel part of our CDHB family.

Not only is Christchurch rebuilding, our health system is too.  We are about to embark on one of the most exciting Hospital and Health System Developments that New Zealand has ever seen.  

Boasting the largest acute tertiary institution for the South Island and consistently delivering progressive healthcare in world-class facilities and specialty areas, the CDHB offers variety and excitement in your careerHowever, if the rural life with opportunities to develop nursing skills over a wide range of specialities is more you, we have that too.

Our nurses are at the centre of the care we provide - and we are extremely proud of their valuable contribution to the people of Canterbury.


Is Nursing the profession for me?

Patient advocacy, providing care, coordinating, educating, responding to emergencies, monitoring,  administering treatment and reassuring patients, is all in a days work for a CDHB Nurse. If you're a people person, enjoy caring for others and thrive in a team environment, this is nursing in a nutshell and the profession for you.

What's in it for me?

Nursing is a rewarding profession in so many ways, whether it is big or small you can always make a difference to a patient's life. Working in a team to provide the ultimate patient care, flexibility with hours and workload, lifestyle and diversity all contribute to job satisfaction for a CDHB Nurse.

The ability to travel so easily with a New Zealand nursing qualification means many Nurses gain experience all over the world. These overseas experiences are encouraged by the CDHB as they return with new skills, knowledge, insight into other health systems and opens their eyes to other cultures creating a well rounded, open-minded nursing workforce.

How can I become a Nurse?

There are various avenues to get you there. To become a Registered Nurse, The Bachelor of Nursing is an intense 3-year degree offered at many institutions around New Zealand. The Diploma in Enrolled Nursing is an 18-month course to qualify as an Enrolled Nurse. Both qualifications incorporate clinical and theory-based practice.

Clinical practice is supported using the DEU model. The DEU is a practice area dedicated to supporting undergraduate nurses on clinical placement.

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