Losana Korovulavula (she/her)

Pasifika Health Promoter (Community & Public Health)

"It was the drive to make a difference for our Pasifika community and at the same time, changing the narratives."

A brief mihi about yourself

I am an indigenous Fijian living in Christchurch with my husband and two children.  I came to New Zealand in 2015 on a 3-year contract under a Ministry of Health initiative hosted by Sport Canterbury.  My intention was to return to Fiji at the end of 2018 but obviously God has a different plan.  I never wanted to leave Fiji but children’s education was the drive to come, so family sacrifices were made.  

Growing up what did you want to do for a job and did you ever see yourself working at Te Whatu Ora?

I have always had a passion of helping people in any way that I can and that has been with me when I was growing up.  I remember vividly at 15 years of age, walking to school that morning and can still see the spot, where I made a promise to myself that whatever work I do, I will do it well and that I will survive.  

Initially, my thought was that Te Whatu Ora was for personnel with medical qualifications, so I did not give it much thought.  I was new to Canterbury and was still trying to understand the system, who is who, how, what and where etc in the grand scheme of things.

What was your journey of getting to work at Te Whatu Ora?

I now look back at my journey since my arrival into NZ where I landed with a Ministry of Health contract, worked with NGOs focusing on people’s health and wellbeing.  I am blessed for that passage which paved the way to getting into Te Whatu Ora. Working in the health sector is not new as I worked in public health in the last two decades of my previous employment with the UN.  

What attracted you to work at Te Whatu Ora?

It was the drive to make a difference for our Pasifika community and at the same time, changing the narratives.  How I can bring the community voice into the system and how can I help the community appropriately navigate the system in this new land.  It is a huge task but we can meet in the middle if we want to progress.   

What’s something you love about being part of Te Whatu Ora?

The people that are passionate in their own areas of work and expertise to make a difference in people’s lives.  It can be daunting being the lone Pasifika face but one thing I quickly learned and really appreciate is the supportive environment that I work in – the spirit of collegiality, willingness to listen and offer support whenever it is needed.  I am very grateful and blessed for that.

What do you love about living and working in Ōtautahi?

I love Ōtautahi for its community feeling.  It’s funny because I come from a very small country and to feel that community feeling straight away when I arrived was unbelievable.  Christchurch is definitely doing something right!

What advice do you have for someone contemplating a career at Te Whatu Ora?

A great place to build your career and contribute to the healthcare system through all our different experiences and skills.

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