Important Information for Overseas Doctors Seeking RMO Positions


House Officers are doctors or dentists in their first 1 to 4 years of post graduate clinical practice. PGY1 & PGY2 doctors participate in the Medical Council of NZ pre-vocational training programme and are required to do accredited runs (clinical attachments). 

Registrars are doctors who have completed at least two years post graduate clinical experience. Registrars may or may not have entered advanced training.


The CDHB is always interested in hearing from RMOs who are enquiring about Registrar and House Officer positions. We recruit RMOs throughout the year, in particular in November for House Officers and December for Registrars.

Some UK doctors who have worked here have commented that the level of responsibility afforded to House Officers here is less than what they have been used to at home and have therefore found it appropriate to commence work as a Registrar on arrival in NZ or shortly thereafter.

All international applicants must be eligible for general registration with the Medical Council of New Zealand for their applications to be considered. 

For example if you are UK trained, you must have completed your Foundation years and if you are Australian trained, you must have at least 12 months practice.

The medical year in NZ runs from November to November for House Officers, and from December to December for Registrars.

Most House Officer positions involve 3 month rotations throughout the year. Some specialty areas including Obstetrics & Gynaecology, ED, Anaesthesia and Paediatrics however have six month rotations.

Incoming RMOs, and all RMOs continuing beyond November/December changeovers are asked to express their run preferences. Runs are allocated based on a combination of individual’s preferences, training requirements/objectives, and consideration of service needs.

The process can seem a bit complex, so we welcome any questions you have!  Contact Tracey Sutherland, our Medical Recruitment Specialist to discuss your plans.

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