Important info all RMOs should know

The recruitment process for NZ and overseas applicants is the same. You can apply directly to the CDHB, you don't need to apply through a recruitment agency!

Contact Kimberley Sletcher, our Medical Recruitment Specialist, to find out all you need to know and provide assistance with your application, medical council registration, relocation, and settlement via email

To become a CDHB RMO, you must be eligible for registration with the Medical Council of NZ under the General or Provisional General Scope of Practice. Visit for more details.

House Officers, SHOs and Registrars 

The CDHB employs over 600 RMOs - House Officers and Registrars at all levels of training.

RMOs working here consistently achieve a very high success rate in their professional College examinations.

In NZ, the term SHO refers to a House Officer in their third year or beyond. At CDHB all levels of House Officers are referred to as 'House Officers'.

House Officers beyond year one and Registrars can join us through our Annual Recruitment or by applying for one of the positions advertised throughout the year.

Click here to view our current vacancies/opportunities.

First Year House Officers

First-year House Officer applicants need to apply through ACE (The Advanced Choice of Employment). This scheme is a national internship matching process to appoint first-year House Officers (Post Graduate Year One's) throughout New Zealand.

The ACE matching scheme is coordinated nationally for all of the District Health Board (DHBs) in New Zealand and runs alongside DHB annual recruitment processes for RMOs. All applicants wishing to apply for a first-year House Officer position in New Zealand at the beginning of the training year must apply through the ACE scheme. For further information, please see the ACE website - 

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