The hidden profession of the Operating Theatre.

“I enjoy working as an Anaesthetic Technician at Canterbury District Health Board”

“The Anaesthetic Technicians have a forward thinking, proactive department and great comarardarie”.

Andy Owen
Anaesthetic Technician
immigrated 7 years ago from UK

Not many people know of this important role within healthcare.

Anaesthetic Technicians work as part of the team not only in the operating theatre but also other procedural areas where an anaesthetic is required such as Oncology, Radiology or Oral Health.

Our role has many facets from preparing medical equipment to the application and monitoring of vital signs equipment to patient advocacy and patient safety. We work alongside the Anaesthetist to provide anaesthesia for a variety of procedures within the Canterbury DHB. We are lucky to have a wide variety of specialities that we cover from paediatrics to Cardiac and almost everything else in between.

Our role is very important in maintaining safety and dealing with routine and emergency situations as they arise.

Canterbury DHB department of Anaesthesia invests in the latest technology – so ongoing learning and professional development is essential – there is always something to learn. We have our own professional development coordinator who is there to assist you in achieving your learning goals.

Our role within anaesthesia provides us with a unique perspective with regard to the overall operating theatre environment, allowing us to be patient focused. Whether it’s checking patients into the operating theatre, explaining procedures or checking an anaesthetic machine prior to use, the Anaesthetic Technician remains an integral part of the team.

We don’t just do the basics, our role extends in some instances to the use of intra-operative Cell Salvage equipment, (collecting washing and processing of surgical blood for re infusion), taking patient blood samples to determine what treatment is required, siting IV cannula and managing patients’ airways.

As we are a teaching hospital, we also have an Educator who takes care of the needs of our Trainee Anaesthetic Technicians.

As qualified Anaesthetic Technicians, we also are routinely involved in the supervision, teaching and assessing /examining of Trainee Anaesthetic Technicians. You can also be involved at a National level to help shape the Professionals of the future.

Working at Canterbury DHB means working with a great bunch of people –our camaraderie and support for each other is second to none – and we have a great working relationship with the Anaesthetists. The Anaesthetic Department is famous (well in Canterbury at least) for our Christmas parties and other social events.

During our leisure time, you might find some of us mountain biking, competing in triathlons, skiing, playing golf, roller derby, salsa dancing, or tramping.

This is a great place to work – Although it’s shift work, you can make the most of the Canterbury way of life and the environment.

We are a registered health profession, so you have to be a registered Anaesthetic Technician to work here.

Not registered? Check it out.

Want to work with a great team of young, friendly and supportive colleagues? Then CHOOSE CANTERBURY.

If you have only just realised what a great career this is and want to be part of it – check out this video on how to become a Trainee Anaesthetic Technician – it will let you know what the training involves and how to become a Trainee.

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