“This is a career pathway that absolutely captures you”

“The rapid change and advancement in technology, and knowing that what you do really does make a difference.”

Tony Blackler
Clinical Technologies Manager

It shouldn’t surprise you how vital medical equipment is to saving lives and restoring health.

Healthcare has become increasingly dependent on technology and complex equipment. Clinical engineering is the bridge between medicine, clinician and technology, using scientific principles to solve problems, adding value by making sure the equipment performs as it should.

We work with clinicians who are often pushing the boundaries, at the forefront of advances and we are there with them – supporting their work,making changes to clinical treatment possible.

At CDHB we don’t just fix equipment; we are involved right through the process - from assessment of fitness for purpose, maintenance, risk management and quality, and eventually disposal.

We often take the leadmanaging projects aimed at improving patient care through better use of technology. It was one of our staff who led the ICU project upgrading all the monitoring equipment resulting in improved access to patient information.

Thinking about this as a career? Already a clinical engineer?

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