“I love coming to work each day and working with a great team in a constantly changing and rewarding environment"


Being an ICU technologist is a unique position in New Zealand, not every ICU has technologists. We are similar to the critical care technologists in the UK. We maintain, repair, use and educate people on all the equipment in the ICU.

At Christchurch Hospital we are also the respirator experts – taking the lead in the home ventilation service and providing expert advice and support around the hospital.

If someone in the ICU has to be transported, we are right there with them,making sure the life saving equipment is doing what it is supposed to do – saving lives. 

Christchurch Hospital keeps up to date with all the latest and greatest technology – with a dollop of antiquity thrown in. There is always something new to learn and in this busy and changing environment, you can never know everything.

The service is really supportive of professional development and you will have the opportunity to advance your knowledge as we are often involved clinically as well as technically.

We work in a great team environment – the ICU department all work really well together – we have department get togethers where everyone is invited – it might be a BBQ, or wine tour, or a golf tournament. If you like to eat curry you will fit right into The Curry Club.

We work 4 x 10 hour shifts and support the service 24/7 by being on call. The ICU technologists support each other and look out for each other, so we can also offer a bit of flexibility as someone will usually offer to cover for you if you have to go to an appointment.

If you are already an ICU technologist or a critical care technologist – check out our vacancies and CHOOSE to make a difference. Of course you will have to work with a great team – and be prepared to have fun as well.

If you are thinking that this sounds like an awesome career (you are right it is) – then you need to have a Bachelor of Science or other health professional experience.

Once in the job we will help you complete the post graduate certificate/diploma in medical technology through the University of Otago.

It will take a couple of years before you are completely ‘au fait’ with the job – but once you are – you will find it to be challenging, stimulating and exciting. 

CHOOSE to be leading edge - CHOOSE to make a difference – CHOOSE Canterbury.

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