Māori and Pasifika Rangatahi Induction

By Mana Taurite (Equity) Team

Following on from the successful Māori and Pasifika Rangatahi Recruitment Campaign held in Tai Poutini (West Coast) and Waitaha (Canterbury) late last year the DHB are proud to welcome 5 new Māori Health Care Assistances in Tai Poutini and in Waitaha 16 new kaimahi (10 Māori and 6 Pasifika) in roles including Health Care Assistants, Dental Assistant, Orderlies, Operating Theatre Assistant, Sterile Service Technicians, Ward Clerk and Administrators.​ A robust induction programme was developed by the Learning and Development and was implemented in both Tai Poutini and Waitaha over 3 days from the 17th-19th January. The induction included whakawhaungatanga (relationship building), onboard learning, hospital tours and workshops that provided tools for their kete. The Mana Taurite (Equity) Team said that even though they were all working in their own individual roles it was important to induct them together as a rōpū (group) so they could build relationships and feel the tautoko (support) of each other. The new kaimahi will also have regular catch ups along their journey to make sure they are well supported. Mana Taurite Team Manager, Rebecca Murchie said “It was so heart-warming to see the growth from the first day we meet them at the information day to when they walked out the door after the induction with their heads held high and ready for mahi.” This inclusive induction process is new for the DHB and from the positive feedback of those involved proved it was very successful.

“Mana enhancing process - not scary, felt safe”
“Being a whānau rōpū – not feeling alone really helped”
“Love having a network of ‘people like me’ to call on”
“Having new skills to take in to their roles from the induction”
“never thought I would have this opportunity at the DHB – I didn't go to uni'”
“Grateful for the career opportunity”
“Ready to promote to their communities and encourage others to join DHB”

The Mana Taurite Team would love to thank all those who were involved, from the Recruitment Team, Learning and Design, Organisational and Learning Development, Administration and Hiring Managers. If you would like to learn more about this please contact: Rebecca.murchie@cdhb.health.nz

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