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Our mission: Great Nutrition, helping make the body strong, healthy and robust.

Just as nutrition is essential to help make our bodies strong, Dietitians are essential to injury and illness recovery and prevention and collaborate closely with others in multi-disciplinary teams delivering the highest levels of health care serving our community’s needs.

We work across every clinical area (except Emergency Department) in a wide range of clinical specialties. Some of our specialist positions include neonatal, paediatric, oncology and nephrology, community, diabetes and mental health, including eating disorders.

We have Dietitians in primary care, community and public health, mental health, hospitality services and management. The Dietitians Network actively works to promote dietetics in Canterbury, encouraging communication and cohesive practice across the sector.

Our practice is dynamic, and we’re always looking for ways to improve. It is a great place to work, with a great team of colleagues and lots of opportunities. -  (why?)

What we're proud of

  • working to implement international dietetic and nutrition terminology across the healthcare system
  • prescribing vitamins, minerals and special foods
  • making the most of technological advance to improve our efficiency and visibility in the healthcare workforce
  • a multi-disciplinary nutrition support team providing a MDT approach to problem-solving and patient care
  • our senior chef cooking class
  • workshops we deliver in the community i.e. nutrition risk screening
  • fruit and vegetable co-op for people on low incomes
  • setting up a single point of referral for all dietetic referrals in Canterbury.
  • our relationship with the University of Otago and the opportunities this gives us for research
  • our dietetic mental health service which is viewed nationally as a centre of excellence.

A good fit for you

There’s lots of variety across the roles in our team. We’re also committed to providing support for learning opportunities and professional development. Te Whatu Ora Waitaha offers a great deal of leadership – you can establish yourself as a specialist in your own[ALF1]  area knowing you have the support of other Dietitians and allied health professionals. 


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