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Eyes are so amazing and complex - composed of more than 2 million working parts – the muscles that move the eye are the strongest relative to their size in the body. Orthoptists are a well-recognised and established allied health profession, integral to the eye clinic. We specialise in diagnosis and management of eye movements and associated vision problems.

Orthoptists are taking the lead in a number of specialty areas – including paediatrics and glaucoma. 

As an Orthoptist at Te Whatu Ora Waitaha you will be involved in:

  • Technical work – visual fields, biometry, optical coherence tomography (OCT), refraction, intraocular pressures (IOP), electrophysiology and orbscans – corneal topography.
  • Orthoptics – children, lazy eye, adults who have double vision, tensilon tests and registrar training


What we're proud of

  • At Te Whatu Ora Waitaha you will get hospital experience immediately.
  • We are the centre of excellence for the whole South Island. 

What you'll get out of it

Professional development is encouraged and supported – but you will have to be self-driven. Te Whatu Ora Waitaha supports ongoing learning through attendance at symposiums and conferences. We have weekly clinical presentations and there are often research projects to be involved in.

How to join the kapa (team)

You don’t have to be registered to work here. There is a relatively young New Zealand professional association (New Zealand Orthoptic Society Incorporated) and we are strongly connected with the Australian professional association. 

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