Community Dental Services

The Canterbury DHB Community Dental Service provides treatment to children in Canterbury and South Canterbury. Starting with a strong preventative program and working closely with Wellchild providers. Pre-schoolers are brought into the service up to the age of 2 years based on their need, and receive care from our modern purpose-built dental facilities based in the communities we serve.

School aged children have access to screening programs in schools through our fleet of mobile assessment vans, and if required attend a dental clinic for treatment with their parent/caregiver. This extends to our rural communities through our mobile treatment units and smaller community-based clinics. 

Our large team of dental therapists and assistants work together to provide care, support each other and make the most of the up to date technology (including digital radiography and a fully electronic health record) available to them. The service welcomes new members to the team and ensures each staff member has an appropriate level of support to make sure they have a comprehensive induction to the service enabling them to become a productive and effective member of our team.

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