Endovascular, Vascular and Transplant Surgery

Why Vascular Surgery

The Department of Vascular Endovascular and Transplant Surgery (VETS), Vascular Surgery has long had a reputation for excellence and innovation. Vascular surgery is an extraordinarily diverse speciality. It deals with patients with some of the most challenging pathology and comorbidity, it involves surgery in nearly every body compartment, and uses some of the most modern and technically sophisticated techniques in medicine. Increasingly combining radiological techniques to provide better and less invasive treatments it has become a truly multifaceted, multidisciplinary specialty.

Career prospects

Vascular Surgery is in demand. Training is coordinated by the RACS Board of Vascular Surgery and involves 5 years of SET training. SET posts are competitive and applications exceed available positions; selection is by structured CV and interview. The same is true worldwide and this reflects the exciting prospects there are in modern vascular surgical practice. The rewards of a fulfilling and challenging career lie ahead; you will never be bored in Vascular Surgery.

You will need clinical experience and academic achievements to progress. Christchurch VETS has an excellent record of paper publication and presentation at international meetings, and provides a supportive working environment to facilitate progression. 

Kaimahi (staff)

Christchurch VETS is a small unit providing big service. There are 5 SMO grade including the Professor for Vascular Surgery at Otago, Prof. Justin Roake. In the middle grade there are three RMOS. There is a shared RMO for cover with Cardiothoracic Surgery. There is a FY2 for ward cover. All members of the surgical team are encouraged to participate in the wealth of opportunities that the VETS service presents. On call duties are likely to involve night cover of allied surgical specialties to achieve compliant roster.

We are assisted by two Vascular Nurses in the outpatient department, and three admin staff. A8 is the Vascular and Acute stroke ward, and is staffed by nurses with expertise in vascular and cardiothoracic surgery. There is a dedicated ward manager and a Clinical Nurse Specialist on the ward.

Vascular at Christchurch

The Vascular, Endovascular and Transplant Service (VETS) provides tertiary level vascular surgery service for the extended region from Invercargill to Picton and the West Coast to the Chathams. We provide vascular support for all other specialities in the hospital particularly in Renal Transplant, Renal Access, Tumour Resection and Vascular Access. We provide world class vascular service and provide training for RMO’s, SET trainees and international Clinical Fellows.

Vascular surgery is a growth industry. Clinical activity has increased more for vascular surgery than for most other specialties. This reflects not just an increasing disease burden, but an increasing ability, through innovation and technology, to treat more people more effectively.

Christchurch Vascular Surgery is at the cutting edge of these modern and innovative Vascular Surgery and Interventional techniques. The ethos is one of multidisciplinary collaboration with our Interventional Radiology colleagues which we believe gives the best clinical results and the best educational substrate in which to learn. The service has been recently enhanced by the Hybrid Vascular Operating Theatre allowing hybrid vascular surgery for the local and regional population.


For more information or general enquiries about RMO positions in the VETS please contact:
Phone: (03) 364 9543


Tim Beresford
Clinical Director of VETS, Christchurch Hospital 
Email: tim.beresford@cdhb.health.nz 

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