Lisa Gray (she/her)

Recruitment Partner

"If successful you would be a part of an amazing organisation that has the focus on our community"

What areas/roles do you recruit?

Allied Health Profile – Physiotherapists, Dietitians, Sterile Services, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Dental Assistants just to name a few!

What’s your favourite part about your mahi (job)?

I am passionate about my role and having a positive impact on the candidates we interview/hire. There is lot’s to learn in this position and also a ladder to climb – the CDHB encourages professional/personal development which are areas I have a hunger for

Who inspires you and why?

My mother – she never let her situation of life dampen her drive for success, as a single mother to 3 she studied nursing, held the whare together and always made sure we didn’t go without what was ‘needed’. I am so proud of her, knowing the journey she walked and never letting anything stand in the way of chasing and in time obtaining her dreams. In 2015 my mother was the first Māori nurse to receive the ‘Award of Honour’ for nursing something to this day we’re all extremely proud of

What’s a typical Sunday for you?

An early start setting up prior to our church service at 10am followed by the close down of this as well. Then it’s usually either a game of tennis, playing catch (softball mit) at the park or taking our children to the pool for a splash. Once our youngest is in bed for the night, an hour or so on the PS4 with my partner and son is a treat

Your favourite food and music?

It would have to be a tie between Chicken Fried Rice with hot sauce from Poppy Thai (Riccarton Mall) or Melkkos with cinnamon sugar. Music – I listen to almost all genres of music, my general go to would have to be trance though (Armin van Buuren).

What advice do you have for someone applying for a job at the CDHB?

Do it, what do you have to lose? – If successful you would be a part of an amazing organisation that has the focus on our community and puts this at the heart of all that we do

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