This is where you can connect science and technology with your zeal for people.

Radiology is a growth industry – in fact it is one of the fastest growing health services in New Zealand.

If you love variety and working with people – then we can make your dreams come true – no day will be the same. You will interact with a range of patients with different imaging needs - from primary care to acute care to high dependency on-going complex examinations. The advanced imaging modalities are here and post graduate onsite training is available in the areas of Radiology that interest you – giving a good grounding nationally and internationally.

Post graduate qualifications are necessary for working in MRI and Nuclear Medicine. Our examination breadth is vast from: General, Fluoroscopy, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine to Interventional examinations – in fact there is very little we don’t do!!

We take pride in the quality of our work – quality is the name of the game. We go to great lengths to preserve our high quality imaging standards. What we do on a daily basis does make a difference to peoples lives. It is all about the patient we strive to make the patient’s journey more efficient – we are proud of our waiting lists being nil or a minimum – we don’t want to be hindering a patient’s recovery.

The background work on projecting and forecasting the demand on the Radiological services enables more flexible rosters (which are 24/7 in the majority of modalities), so there are possibilities you can work part time. Your work-life balance and family commitments are important to us – some of our highly skilled snowboarders are very adept at tweaking the rosters to take best advantage of the slopes nearby.

We have a really good suite of modern equipment – we use a wide variety of computer processing techniques and are responsible for presenting images and data to the reporting Radiologist. As part of an ever changing technology environment we are rapidly moving towards being all digital.

Working in Christchurch means being part of a great team –we are a team of dynamic people with a wide range of ages many of whom have built their careers at Christchurch. As well as being patient centred and enjoying sporting pursuits – we are also a keen group of ‘foodies’ – morning teas feature a lot of fabulous home baking.

Want to be part of this? – check out our vacancies. If there isn’t anything there for you at the moment – keep checking back.


What does a TYPICAL day involve?

Why did you MOVE to Christchurch?

What do you like about BEING a MRT?

What does your JOB involve?

"Christchurch is a great place to pursue my career as an MRT - It is a large tertiary hospital, and the department spans over many different areas of the hospital. The roster allows for a healthy balance between work and personal lifestyle."

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